the sofa with a modern and functional design

Made entirely by hand in Italy, like all our products, Lithos is a modern sofa in which design, art and functionality blend to perfection to give life to this collector’s piece that was born and takes shape from the observation of stones being smoothed by the flow of water.

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Design Patent N. 015000922-0002

Lithos is a sofa that enhances the room it is in, and intrigues those who see it for the first time. A piece of furniture that goes beyond functionality, and knows how to stand out.


Let’s admire it up close

The shapes of the Lithos sofa are so unique and recognisable that they have made it possible to officially register the design of the sofa. A piece of furniture made entirely by hand by our expert Italian craftsmen, which has been designed to accompany the person in his or her relaxation at home. Static, but born of movement: in fact, the inspiration comes from the most prolific creator there is, Nature. The water of a river flowing and smoothing the stones through its action. A slow but constant action that symbolises the passing of time and is the fil rouge that unites nature and Lithos. This is why its shape inherits that of the stones, to which two lateral parts (armrests) are added to allow the support of the arms and give greater comfort. Each sofa, being completely handmade, is a unique piece: a masterpiece created by our masters of craftsmanship to adapt to the most diverse furnishing styles.

First choice materials

We use only first rate materials in the construction of Lithos, which is why its internal structure is made of multilayer wood to guarantee a long life to this object of desire. The wooden structure of Lithos is then covered with several layers of various densities of foam rubber, shaped by hand by our upholsterers, which guarantee exceptional seating comfort. This is then upholstered with exclusive, precious fabrics or leather, completely hand sewn onto the sinuous shapes of Lithos. We give the customer the option of upholstering the sofa with fabric, natural leather or velvet, each available in different colours.

Shapes and dimensions

Lithos has been conceived and designed to be available in three main sizes:

  • LITHOS Armchair
  • LITHOS Sofa two seater
  • LITHOS Sofa three seater

We have therefore decided to offer these three sofa size options in order to meet the various needs of our customers, guaranteeing (on each of these dimensions) the exact same style and design that this beautiful masterpiece has in common.

Packaging and shipping

Lithos is packed completely assembled in a wooden crate made entirely to measure according to the size of the sofa, this to guarantee maximum safety to the product until its final destination.


Technical details

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Each of our masterpieces is a singular work of art, shaped by hand with dedication and passion. The slight variations and imperfections that the final product may have compared to the reference images are hallmarks of our craftsmanship and enrich the uniqueness of each creation.

Additional information


Can change color according to your tastes