the sofa with a modern and functional design

Handmade in Italy, it is a modern sofa in which interior design, art and functionality blend ideally in this collector’s item born from the observation of the stones smoothed by the flowing water of the streams.

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Lithos is a sofa that embellishes the room in which it is located and intrigues those who see it for the first time. A piece of furniture that goes beyond functionality while respecting its importance.

Let’s have a real look.

A handmade furniture element designed to accompany the person in their domestic relaxation. Static, yet born out of motion: in fact, inspiration comes from the most prolific creator there is, Nature. The water of a river flowing and smoothing the stones thanks to its very action. A slow but constant action, which symbolizes the passing of time and ties Nature and Lithos together. Therefore, its shape inherits that of the stones to which two additional lateral parts are applied to provide support for the arms and give greater comfort.

Each sofa – being handmade – is a unique piece: a collection created by our masters of handicraft to suit the most diverse furnishing styles.
Obviously, in addition to the size (which we will talk about later), Lithos can be customized in both taste and colors: if the person so desires, the upholstery (besides that which can be admired in the photo) is completely customizable as the sofa can be upholstered in:

  • velvet (with a very wide range of colors);
  • natural leather (also in various colors);
  • fabric (also customizable).

The sofa is available in two sizes: with three and two cushions, so each person may have the Lithos that best suits their living room and will embellish the entire room.
A sofa with a rich history of design to experience and discover in order to fully appreciate all its qualities.

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Can change color according to your tastes