Ufo Tailor Made
the customizable armchair

Each piece of this exclusive version of Ufo chair is “custom made” for the customer. On this edition of our armchair it is possible to make any kind of customization as requested by the customer, both on the seat and on the shell. We have no limits on customization. Each Ufo custom chair is always created to ensure you get the best in Design and comfort.

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The custom-made armchair that is truly YOURS.

Ufo Tailor Made is the most customizable edition in the Ufo series and, as the name suggests, customers can fully participate in the entire process of design and implementation of their Ufo one-offs. This means that whatever type of Design and type of material a customer wants, it will be possible to achieve it on this edition.

With this Mavimat ufo chair edition, the customer can create a real exclusive and unique piece, and customize it with the their own ideas, even the most particular and creative ones they can imagine. We have no limits in the types of customization on this special edition of the Ufo chair – just make your request and we will make your dream configuration a reality.

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Can change color according to your tastes