The UFO Chair American Express Centurion: A Symbol of Exclusivity

Mavimatt is pleased to introduce a new limited edition of the UFO chair, dedicated to the prestigious Centurion credit card issued by American Express. This exclusive new version will be produced in only 10 pieces worldwide, each individually numbered.

A Modern Throne for the Living Room

In this edition of the UFO chair, the entire shell is made of carbon fiber, prominently featuring the iconic American credit card symbol, hand-crafted by our artist using airbrushing techniques to recreate the texture and graphics of the refined Centurion card. This unique detail immediately adds character to the chair, elevating it to a prized and luxurious object. The UFO chair American Express Centurion is not just a design piece for your interior spaces but a true homage to the excellence and distinction represented by the Centurion card. Entirely handmade in Italy, the UFO is constructed using artisanal techniques, one piece at a time, by the skill and passion of our Italian craftsmen. Its spherical shape and curves are designed to provide maximum comfort, fully adapting to the human body’s contours. They resemble the dunes of a lunar landscape, sculpted by the winds of time, ready to embrace anyone who wishes to immerse themselves in it. The enveloping seat and advanced ergonomics ensure a total relaxation experience, along with stability and a striking presence.

The matte black carbon fiber shell, contrasted with the silver Centurion card symbol, is intended to create an elegant visual effect. Thus, a living room chair transforms into a status symbol, an art object, much like a modern throne for those who recognize the value of excellence. Choosing this item means embracing the art of good living, bringing a unique object into your home that masterfully combines Italian artisanal tradition with contemporary design innovation. Imagine coming home after a day of work and finding refuge in the softness of natural leather, letting yourself be enveloped in a design that tells your story and your lifestyle. Sitting in it is like entering a world where luxury meets comfort, where beauty merges with functionality.

Various Colors for this Ufo Chair

UFO Chair American Express Centurion

The chair’s seat will be offered in natural leather, available in a range of colors such as black, white, red, and more, allowing customers to personalize it according to their taste and environment. The shell, maintaining its unmistakable elegance in matte black carbon fiber, will remain unchanged, ensuring a recognizable visual identity. This limited edition was created in collaboration with an exclusive client, a Centurion cardholder, who wanted to pay homage to their credit card by creating this unique design piece. In close synergy with him, we developed the entire graphics and shape of the chair.

Take a look at the UFO Chair American Express Centurion: there are only 10 pieces in the world.