A mutual benefit collaboration with Manny Khoshbin

We’d like to introduce you to a very special friend of ours, Manny Khoshbin. Manny Khoshbin is a well-known celebrity on social media both on YouTube and on Instagram but also a real estate investor, super-successful entrepreneur, author, multi-millionaire, and a really cool guy!

We’re honored to have a loyal and valued customer such as Manny. He chose Mavimatt’s UFO armchair to put in his garage and was very satisfied with the product, he also shared photos of it with his community. Actually, quite a few UFOs because one chair would never be enough for Manny Khoshbin.

Manny Khoshbin: a self-made man

When 14-year old Manny Khoshbin moved to the US from Iran, he and his family lived homeless in a car. Manny spoke no English, had no friends and knew almost nothing about America. During his early age in U.S., Manny was faced with many challenges but he decided that he would not let his disadvantages hold him back.

Today he’s amassed over $1B worth of real estate locally while still remaining true enough not only their roots but also culture through language lessons which allow them to speak Farsi fluently today! In addiction to his real estate empire, Manny has found success as a car influencer and his garage became iconic for the Instagram’s world.

When it comes to high-end cars, California is the place. This multimillionaire real estate mogul has spent his fortune on some of this world’s most exotic and customized rides – with a net worth that exceeds 80 million dollars all told! He reportedly owns at least 30 individually expense vehicles between motorcycles too… not bad for someone who started off humble beginnings!

In Manny’s Garage

collection. He used it as a seat in his garage and shared a video of the armchair to over 2 millions people.  Mavimatt created a one-of-a-kind UFO armchair designed with a black shell and a white velvet seat.

Manny Khoshbin decided to put the UFO armchair he bought from Mavimatt in his garage, where it will serve as a seating area for his guests. In the images attached, you can see what this product looks like in a garage and how well it fits into an urban environment. His community was also pleased with this product and according to him, they were even more impressed than he was and that’s saying something!

Thanks to him, now everyone knows about this unique piece of furniture that Mavimatt has created.