Elisabetta Franchi Chooses Lithos Sofa

Renowned fashion designer and entrepreneur Elisabetta Franchi recognizes the value of design in home furnishings and that is why she has decided to enhance her living room with a precious product from Mavimatt’s collection, a company that creates exclusive home furnishings. Elisabetta Franchi’s mastery, known throughout the world, is evidenced by the creation of an elegant, humorous, and glamorous style that has won the hearts of many women of different backgrounds.

elisabetta franchi sofa lithos
Lithos Sofa

Not only fashion, but also her home is an expression of her refined taste and love for exclusive design. That is why she decided to choose the Lithos sofa from Mavimatt, a Made in Italy company that represents quality and attention to detail. Elisabetta chose two Lithos sofas for her home. Why? Because this piece of furniture is like a call from nature, which she deeply perceived within herself. Elisabetta is aware that nature also has elegance.

The Lithos sofa brings nature back to man, within the walls of modernity. It combines design with nature: its sinuous shapes are inspired by the fluidity of a river that smooths stones with mastery, as if mother nature’s caress follows a precise design. The sofa’s seats are symbolized by stones, enhanced by two sturdy armrests that provide a high sense of comfort during use. These elements combined together create a luxurious seating experience. Its ergonomic structure offers comfort, intimacy, and hospitality, even winning over Elisabetta Franchi, who opted for a two-seater and a three-seater sofa for her home in Bologna.

Lithos in Elisabetta Franchi’s House in Bologna

Elisabetta visited us at our headquarters and was amazed by our exclusive designer items, especially appreciating the study of form and matter. Exploring our product collection, her expert stylist eye stopped on the Lithos sofa, appreciating both its modernity and functionality. Elisabetta Franchi knows how functionality and art can perfectly blend in fashion, and she finds that combination in the Lithos sofa, branded by Mavimatt.

In the creation of Lithos, the dream becomes reality with the use of only top-quality materials. Its core is made of a sturdy and durable multi-layered wood that can withstand the harshness of time. Our upholsterers masterfully shape layers of foam of various densities, giving this modern sofa an unparalleled comfort. Finally, the surface is wrapped in precious fabrics or leathers, hand-stitched with skill, revealing the sinuous forms of Lithos. Elisabetta Franchi chose a velvet fabric.

We at Mavimatt personally went to her house to deliver the two Lithos sofas, fully assembled and ready for use, without any need for additional assembly. Each sofa set was packaged in a custom wooden crate, made to fit its dimensions, ensuring maximum protection of the Lithos sofas during transportation, from our company to stylist Elisabetta Franchi’s home.

Today, the two Lithos sofas are part of the entrepreneur’s collection of works of art, which gently welcome her back. Just like her style, our designs are modern furnishings that stand out without sacrificing comfort and common sense functionality.

Mavimatt’s motto is simple: “if you can dream it, we can make it happen.” It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find unique and completely original furniture made by hand, as many furniture brands produce simple pieces using standardized industrial processes. At Mavimatt, on the other hand, we dedicate ourselves to creating authentic artistic and design masterpieces that some would call luxury furniture, but for us, they are simply exclusive home furnishing objects. We make high-quality, handmade Italian furniture that stands the test of time and stands out in any environment. We are delighted that Elisabetta Franchi has chosen us.