The UFO malachite stone effect rocking chair

Do you remember when we told you about the UFO rocking chair with blue sodalite marble effect? The same Bangkok beloved customer, entirely satisfied, decided to purchase another limited edition UFO rocking chair, expressing a further request for customization. We are pleased to present you the UFO malachite stone effect rocking chair.

The characteristics of malachite stone

Malachite green is a stone that is rarely found in the form of crystal but, once found it is very bright and shiny, in fact, it is often used to furnish the most luxurious spaces with style. The composition of malachite allows you to give any environment a harmonious atmosphere and furnish the spaces with class and originality.

This stone loved by the Greeks and Egyptians was used as a protective gem, in fact the Egyptians extracted it from the mines of Suez since 4000 BC. They were extracted largely for very practical uses, including as a pigment for eyeshadow, with which Cleopatra adorned her wrists and neck with sparkling malachite gems but also in the decorations of statues and jewels in ancient Greece and then in ancient Rome.

The properties of malachite stone today in crystal therapy symbolize luck in love and trust but also seduction and love for the arts. It is a very precious stone and its deep green color exudes healing powers to stimulate creativity.


How we made the UFO malachite stone effect rocking chair

The UFO malachite stone effect rocking chair was made with a hand painting technique by our Mavimatt artisans with the airbrush to recreate the texture and finish of the malachite stone and its countless green shades. The seat is in black natural leather.

We are happy that the limited edition of the UFO malachite stone effect rocking chair has arrived together with the blue sodalite UFO rocking chair at our customer’s home in Thailand to whom we hope can give moments of relaxation and well-being.