Mercedes-AMG One UFO Chair: Limited Edition

Mavimatt has crafted an exclusive carbon fiber chair inspired by the Mercedes-AMG One, often referred to as the street-legal Formula 1. Our UFO Chair dons a unique charm in this exclusive customization, crafted upon the request of a private client who is passionate about his Mercedes-AMG One. We decided to create a limited edition of our iconic chair. The UFO Chair transforms into a stunning Mercedes aircraft with a futuristic design, ready to challenge the boundaries of imagination.

The prestigious Mercedes-AMG One UFO chair is a rare and exclusive creation. Only ten fortunate individuals worldwide will get the chance to indulge in the comfort and elegance of this limited edition piece, which pays tribute to the power and style of the German supercar.

A Shell Crafted in Refined Carbon

Poltrona UFO
Mercedes-AMG One UFO Chair

The UFO chair in this special edition stands out with a shell entirely made of carbon fiber, finished in a polished gloss. Carbon lends the UFO chair a high mechanical strength, low density, and thermal insulation capabilities. Moreover, it is resistant to chemical agents and temperature fluctuations, as well as possessing excellent fireproof properties.

The carbon shell becomes a canvas of art, where an airbrush master has sketched a series of subtly shaded logos that establish the distinctive characteristic of the car’s livery. Born from the idea of one of our clients, the UFO Mercedes AMG One chair has indeed become a limited edition. This edition of the UFO chair is a dream of lightness and comfort, brought to life by carbon fiber. Carbon can be seen as the magic thread intertwining form and function, beauty and durability.

Now, let’s admire its seating.

An Inviting Seat Enveloped in Soft Orange Alcantara

To imbue the seat with elegance and sophistication, we have chosen to clad it in orange Alcantara, a precious and durable material that offers unparalleled comfort. Alcantara is soft to the touch, resistant to wear and stains, breathable, and thermally insulating. It’s a cutting-edge fabric providing unmatched technical and sensory performances. Crafting with this material requires immense skill and precision, something only the manual dexterity and Italian craftsmanship can guarantee. Every stitch, every fold, every detail is treated with the utmost care and passion to create a seat that is not just beautiful to look at but also delightful to use. The interplay between the black stitching and orange seating creates a pleasing contrast to the eye.

Moreover, the seat is ergonomic and enveloping, designed to adapt to the shape of the body and provide the utmost comfort. The round shape of its base ensures that the entire load for stability is concentrated on a single point of contact with the floor. The shell design has the surprising feature of leaving a significant portion of the UFO chair without ground friction, giving the UFO a sense of lightness and the ability to rotate while always maintaining perfect balance.

Only Ten Pieces Available Worldwide

The UFO Mercedes-AMG One chair is a seat that provides a unique experience. You feel as if you’re at the helm of a Mercedes from a distant future, zooming through the cosmic streets. But be aware: this chair is a limited edition of only ten pieces worldwide, dedicated to lovers of the Mercedes-AMG One supercar. Hurry and reserve yours before they fly off the shelves!

Take a look at the limited edition Monopoly of the UFO chair.