The first Gold Armchair painted in Italy

By now you know, we like challenghes and we never stop pushing Mavimatt beyond our limits in terms of creativity that’s why  Mavimatt has created an armchair made of gold. The shell was made with galvanic vertices and therefore had this golden impact through the particular finish. It is the first golden armchair made entirely by hand in Italy, painted with gold inside. 

Mavimatt’s Gold Armchair was created to be exceptionally luxurious while still being comfortable enough for everyday use. We designed this tailor-made gold version of UFO chair for a private client that is now in Los Angeles.

This chair features upholstery done in soft leather on the outside, providing both style and comfort where it’s needed most- around your backside! The inside of this chair includes padded foam walls to provide you with extra plushness so that even after hours of sitting, you won’t even feel the hard metal rim of the chair.

This chair was created with a series of galvanic finishes that give it an exceptional shine and color that will stand out in any room where it’s placed. The finishing process on this chair is quite complex, taking several days just to complete. 

How did Mavimatt bring this idea into reality?

Mavimatt’s Gold Armchair was first created using a process called electroplating. This process begins by placing the gold on an electrode and sending electricity through it so that particles of gold are released into the water surrounding it, coating any nearby objects with the precious metal. The armchair’s exterior is then covered in this coating to give it its richly golden hue. 

The entire process of electroplating is a lengthy one, taking several days to complete. 

Finally, the armchair’s exterior was coated with a special paint which includes flakes of actual gold within it. The final product matches the intricacies of the galvanic process used to create each individual part perfectly so that when you view it from a distance, you’ll only be able to see the warm luster of pure 24-karat gold.

A golden opportunity to go viral

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