Worth its weight in gold. And then some.

Worth its weight in gold. And then some.
Wow. Just wow. If you’re familiar with Mavimatt – the now world-famous brand that designs and creates contemporary, luxury handcrafted furniture, then you’ll know all about their trademark UFO rocking chair. And their recently produced, tailor-made gold version for a private client, is yet again, out of this world. Destined for Los Angeles, it again proves that Mavimatt’s reach has gone global (and way beyond).

Bespoke down to the finest detail, their UFO chair is exactly how you’d expect it to look –fun, futuristic and undeniably decorative; which is probably why its selling so well across the planet, especially to committed collectors of unique and unusual furnishings.

A golden opportunity to go viral
Glistening in all its attention-grabbing glory, this particular UFO boasts a polished, golden-yellow chassis. Rather than a contrast in colour, the UFO’s white natural leather seating area compliments the chassis pigment perfectly. As for the completed spherical shape – its composition and colour combination is beautifully balanced.

Little wonder then that this particular Unidentified Furniture Object has already gone viral on both TikTok and Pharrell Williams’ Billionaires Boys Club site. We’ve got 700K views so far, and counting…

Remember, every UFO is unique. Every UFO is made to meet your EXACT specifications. From the materials we use, to the overall size and size of seating area you want – relax, recline and get ready for some envious attention. Once bought, you’ll never look back. Ever. We’ve yet to have a disappointed customer.