The Mavimatt UFO for Bentley’s Dealership in Seoul

In the past people have been skeptical about this new wave of armchair design. But now that they are being seen in high-end car dealerships around the world as it’s happen for the Bentley’s dealership in Seoul in South Korea, their luxury and elegance are hard to deny. 

The dealership of Bentley in South Korea commissioned to Mavimatt an exclusive limited edition UFO’s armchair, which now is one of a total of 100 pieces in the world numbered. And from now on this italian masterpiece called “UFO Rocking Chair” will be found in the Bentley showroom in Seoul as a permanent  piece of furniture of the dealership but also as a piece of art inside a real exhibition for art and design lovers and of course, car lovers.

The reason why luxury car dealerships as Bentley are purchasing them is mainly to be able to offer their customers more comfort and a better shopping experience in their physical showroom in Seoul.

We were very happy to collaborate with such an amazing partner as Bentley and now we can proudly say the you can now find MAVIMATT’s furniture inside one of the most exclusive location in the world in Asia. 

About the UFO Rocking Chair in Seoul

This particular chair made from a single piece of carbon fiber with the shell in brown carbon and brown natural leather for the seat, which makes it lightweight while still having a comfortable seat, The leather used on these chairs also has an added durability to resist wear and tear over time, unlike most other leathers which would become brittle or worn away with use. In addition to its sleek exterior, the Mavimatt’s UFO offers comfort for hours at a time without any pain or stiffness in your back or hips. As more people see how useful this chair actually is rather than just how it looks, the number of dealerships ordering these armchairs is increasing in demand.

Mavimatt’s eclectic range of furniture is an Italian piece each carefully tailored to how you want it – from styling, material, and shape. Prepare yourself for the coolest masterpiece on earth because no one else will own what only YOU do!

Can you feel the passion in our UFO armchair?

The scent, the color, and the style – it’s all Mavimatt.

Our eclectic range is an Italian piece of art; ranging from weird to cool with a touch of more contemporary pieces that are still uniquely ours!

You’ll find everything here: furniture inspired by architecture (the Panama Hat table), beautifully made Meteora chairs- prepare yourself for mind-blower when they arrive at home because no one else will have anything like these anywhere near earth!

Like nothing else on earth, these armchairs are made from high-quality materials to ensure your appreciation for years to come because Mavimatt is never ordinary.