Lava Bookcase in Brass with Italian Design

Looking at the Lava bookcase, one cannot help but think of the force of nature, the power of fire that erupts from the magma of a volcano. The brass, with its golden splendor, almost seems to evoke the warmth and light emanating from the glowing lava. The Lava bookcase is a unique and innovative creation, a gift destined to illuminate the décor of your home. Like a tower of culture and knowledge, the brass bookcase provides a unique space in which to display your favorite books and immerse yourself in reading: just like the magma of a volcano, the molten brass cools and solidifies, creating a bookcase with a unique appearance, an organic form that seems to pulse with its own life.

This exclusive design piece of brass furniture boasts innovative production: the innovative technique used to create the Lava brass bookcase is a true technological marvel. Using a special gun, solid metal is transformed into a kind of paint, which is then applied to the surface of the bookcase. Afterwards, our expert artisans hand-polish the brass, giving the bookcase a shiny and impeccable appearance. In fact, every detail of this bookcase has been created with a precision that few can guarantee.

Such a majestic design bookcase was created to evoke feelings of wonder and cannot be missing in any design collection. Its uniqueness and beauty have been recognized by a prestigious art gallery in Dubai, which has made it the centerpiece of its collection. If you are looking for furniture that can enrich your home with style and sophistication, you cannot miss this brass marvel.

As a sculpture with unique shapes, Lava adds a touch of originality and luxury to your environment, as well as evoking the idea that culture is a refined aspect to admire. The Lava bookcase is also practical: its two meters of height and multiple shelves with sinuous shapes guarantee more than enough space for a substantial collection of books. The 40-centimeter thickness allows for books of various kinds, from pocketbooks to art manuals of a certain thickness. With Lava, the bookcase is elevated to a contemporary art sculpture with refined design.

Lava bookcase exhibited in a prestigious art gallery in Dubai

With its imposing presence and timeless beauty, the Lava bookcase has caught the eye of curators at a prestigious art gallery in Dubai, who have decided to display it in their gallery. It is the first bookcase in the world with such a unique shape, made entirely of brass. It’s not new for Dubai to embrace innovation, unique and luxurious design. As a project designed entirely by us at Mavimatt, we take pride in seeing the Lava bookcase displayed in such an innovative city.

The Lava bookcase is able to convey the pleasure of reading through its extraordinary aesthetics. Thanks to its unique shape, as only brass furniture can enhance, the Lava bookcase is able to perfectly harmonize with the surrounding environment, creating a welcoming and suggestive atmosphere. The Lava bookcase is much more than just an Italian design bookcase: it represents the union between art and technology, between nature and human creativity, which is also a bit of the design principle of Dubai. With this creation, we wanted to celebrate the beauty of brass and the skill of the artisans who shaped it, transforming a raw material into a timeless work of art.

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