MoVlogs New Luxury House in Dubai

Mohamed Beiraghdary, better known online as MoVlogs, is an Arabic Youtuber and Vlogger based in Dubai who is known for supercars videos and showing Dubai’s luxury lifestyle with a community on YouTube with over 10 million subscribers. Movlogs is now building his new luxury house in Dubai and we at Mavimatt were more than happy to help him realize his dreams!

UFO Rocking Chair and PANAMA Coffee Table for MoVlogs

MoVlogs chose 2 products from Mavimatt’s collection: the UFO Rocking Chair with a black chassis in a matte finish and the seat in a natural red leather. In addition to the UFO Rocking Chair, Mo has chosen the PANAMA coffee table with the body in a matte black finish and the strip in a red finish that matches the red leather of the UFO Rocking.


These products are perfect examples of Italian craftsmanship, unique design and technology.

MoVlogs is a big fan of one of our best clients, the talented Manny Khoshbin, who has a one-of-a-kind UFO Rocking Chair in his private garage in California. The Youtuber fell in love with the exceptional innovation and design of Mavimatt pieces and that’s how the collaboration started. This is why MoVlogs chosen Mavimatt and UFO Rocking Chair for his new luxury house in Dubai.

MoVlogs is such a brilliant content creator and we at Mavimatt were thrilled to work together on a cool project in the UAE, in fact we could easily say that in addition to his collection of luxury cars such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, he now has two amazing italian art pieces of design.

Mo is very excited about his new luxury pieces and you can check in on Youtube and Instagram.


Do you like the setup at MoVlogs’s House in Dubai? If you’re looking for the best in luxury furniture, then be sure to check out Mavimatt.