How Maciej Lampe Discovered Mavimatt

The furniture that caught Maciej Lampe’s Eye

Maciej Lampe is a former professional NBA basketball player and is a very well-known character in the field. He debut at the tender age of 16 in Madrid with the team that gave him his first matches as a professional backetball player. He also was the first basketball players from Sweden who have played in the NBA and as well he makes demands from himself he also demands from his collaborators, that’s why he has chosen Mavimatt as a partner.

He found the Mavimatt company on Instagram and asked us for a few pieces of furniture for his new home in Barcelona. That’s the problem with Mavimatt, once you buy one of our showstopping products, you simply want more.

Not satisfied with just his very own, bespoke UFO Chair to put at the entrance of the house with a white shell and a red leather seat, Maciej Lampe wanted an elegant Ninfea dining table in a matt white finish, and  Magma consoles in a rose gold finish, a custom-made sofa, and a coffee table on measure.

The collaboration with Maciej Lampe

Maciej Lampe is a very curious and proactive person. We really appreciate that he took the time to visit our website and get in touch with us. He has beautiful taste, style, and imagination and also we do!

The idea behind the collaboration began with the thought of creating an object that would be both functional and aesthetically pleasing; a simple object that would stand out for its industrial simplicity.

His house is modernized in a minimalistic Scandinavian style, where everything looks perfect! When we look at his Instagram profile we see pictures of his house, all very stylish and elegant and of course we were happy to be present in his house with our art. We congratulate him on his successes and new challenges in life! We hope that he will enjoy the Mavimatt furniture pieces in his home.

Working with Maciej Lampe has been such privilege and we are so grateful for this opportunity as he gaves us a lot of creative freedom, which was super refreshing and let us the opportunity to create some mind-blowing pieces of art.

Keep scrolling down below to see our favorite picks from the collection chosen by Maciej Lampe.