Another UFO. Another super-smooth landing.

Until now, Mavimatt have designed and created a smorgasbord of weird and wonderful UFOs. From wild colours to tactile textures; crazy one-off editions to an array of maverick models; pieces of art that are always shiny, and never dull. Mavimatt’s masters of handcrafted masterpieces are clearly not fazed by anything their clients ask for.
But can we go one better? Of course we can. Just ask Omar Hassan.

Omar Hassan. An artist like no other needs a UFO to match.

Born in 1987 in Milan, Omar Hassan is an Italian contemporary artist who lives and works in both London and Milan. He started experimenting as a graffiti artist when he was 15 years old (and never looked back) – bringing many a wall in his native city to life, through vibrant, vivid colour.

Since then he’s exhibited at galleries around the planet.

‘Using spray paint as both a material and a sculptural object, Omar Hassan creates new iterations within the ever-expanding genre of street art. Inspired by environments urban and natural, Hassan says he finds inspiration in the work of graffiti.’

So back in 2015, the Mavimatt team thought, what the hell, anything goes. And in turn were truly honoured to help make Omar his very own, one-of-a-kind, completely one-off UFO. First, they created the customised body of the UFO and all the trimmings that make it unique. From its leather upholstery to its rocking chair carbon fiber and fiber glass finish. When the team (and Omar) were happy with the outcome, they let him complete it in his own unique spray paint way.

The result? Wow. Check it out for yourself. Their first (but hopefully not last) ever fully graffitied UFO. A chair that even the aliens would look at in envy.

Why not bring your very own Mavimatt UFO to life (and be as extraterrestrial as you want).