the world’s first armchair created with AI

Mavimatt has accomplished an unprecedented feat, exclusively worldwide: Chromasis, the first chair in the world conceived with the aid of artificial intelligence. Subsequently, our specialized Made in Italy workforce has handcrafted, with care and passion, every detail of the chair. This audacious vision was made possible thanks to the collaboration with Tim Fu, a renowned designer who honed his talent in the architecture studio of the famous designer Zaha Hadid.

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Chromasis is a revolutionary armchair, right from its conception. Let’s see why.

An armchair conceived with artificial intelligence

Chromasis was conceived and designed by artificial intelligence. We ventured into unexplored territory, combining the heritage of Italian craftsmanship with the power of artificial intelligence. The result is a product never before seen in the world of furniture.

The initial idea sparkled like a rough diamond in the minds of Mavimatt and our prominent collaborator: Tim Fu. With his help, we created the first chair in the world designed with artificial intelligence. What we had in mind was an object that mixed the past, present, and future, an armchair that embodied the elegance of Italian design and the innovation of artificial intelligence. AI, like a silent and analytical artist, analyzed thousands, if not millions of designs, absorbing years of design history, virtuously shaping the concept of Chromasis. But it did not replace human skill, rather it enriched it, as if it was the ‘third arm’ of an artist. The artisans of Mavimatt transformed the design generated by AI into reality, shaping and perfecting every detail with their own hands.

Therefore, the initial creative process relies on artificial intelligence, then the entire realization process is the result of the creativity of Mavimatt and Tim Fu. Now, let’s examine the material of this armchair, which is so unique in the world.

Chromasis is made with an innovative material

Chromasis employs a pioneering material, the nature of which remains shrouded in mystery, stimulating the curiosity and imagination of those who observe it. The chair is made with an innovative material, coupled with carbon and fiberglass, thus highlighting the union between tradition and the avant-garde. Carbon, lightweight yet robust, and fiberglass, malleable and resistant, meet this unique material, creating perfect harmony between the materials and giving life to Chromasis, a symbol of a dazzling and promising future.

The outer chassis will be made with these precious materials. While the inner seat will be made with special foam covered in leather or in different types of fabric, which will give an extreme sense of comfort, it will be like sitting on a soft cloud. The foam, unique in its properties and consistency, adapts perfectly to the shape of the body, offering ergonomic support that ensures unparalleled relaxation. Chromasis aims for perfect harmony between comfort and aesthetics. Why should one exclude the other? Instead, Mavimatt believes that a marriage between the two elements can exist, a union that distinguishes excellence in furnishing.

The chair will be proposed in four different editions: Ral Edition, Galvanic Edition, Carbon Fiber Edition and Tailor Made Edition. Each of these editions will be conceived with different materials and colors, in such a way as to meet any need. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience unparalleled comfort with the innovative Chromasis armchair.

To learn more about this innovative creation and how it can enrich your environment, do not hesitate to request a meeting with our design expert. We will accompany you on a journey of discovery of the future of design, where the innovation of artificial intelligence and the mastery of Italian craftsmanship merge into a single, spectacular product.

Packaging and Shipping

The customer will receive the Chromasis armchair fully packed in a customized wooden crate, made to measure for its dimensions, thus guaranteeing maximum protection during transport from the company to the final destination. The transport will be carried out safely and securely.


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