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Mavimatt introduces Yalux, the lamp that represents the pinnacle of modernity, characterized by a sculptural shape and a timeless aesthetic. Its distinctive element is a bubble made of blown Murano glass, the result of the art and craftsmanship of Fabio Fornasier, a renowned Murano master glassmaker.

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A modern lamp, between precious metal and Murano glass

This creation is an art design object with essential and geometric shapes, of a spontaneous nature. With its T-shaped structure made entirely of metal, Yalux stands out from mass production to emerge as a geometric poetry. This style expresses modernity, evokes a sense of belonging and gathering. There is no better lamp to light up one’s environment, a unique design object conceived with spaces and their inhabitants in mind.

Yalux consists of two fundamental elements: The self-supporting structure in precious metal, entirely handmade by our expert Italian artisans, made with two metal plates in the shape of a T and a recessed spotlight is inserted at the base of the lamp, pointing upwards, which emits a warm light that illuminates the metal structure of Yalux up to the main element placed at the apex of the lamp, the precious Murano glass bubble.

Yalux embellished with Murano glass

At the pinnacle of this exclusive design, lies a precious hand-blown glass bubble made by a Murano master glassmaker, Fabio Fornasier. Born into a family of glassmakers, following the directions of his father Luigi, he became a master at a young age and combined the technical competence received from his father with his natural curiosity. This curiosity is employed in the constant exploration of shapes, volumes, colors, and finishes, sometimes experimental, capable of creating unique works of high-quality craftsmanship.

But that’s not all: the glass bubble of each Yalux lamp is hand-blown by the master, so each one will have a different shape from the other, with a flow and size that varies every time. Moreover, as a guarantee of authenticity, each glass bubble will be signed by Master Fabio Fornasier himself. The glass will be blown with different coloring, according to the customer’s preferences.

The glass processing requires multiple stages, and each one is manually managed by the Murano master. Therefore, we are talking about a true masterpiece of design and art, entirely Made in Italy.

The Yalux Lamp is available in three editions

Yalux is available in three different editions, each with distinctive and high-quality features:

  • Ral Edition: the metal structure will be painted with colors from the RAL scale in a matte or glossy finish with liquid-type painting.
  • Chrome Edition: the metal structure will be made with all chrome finishes, such as yellow-gold, rose-gold, silver-chrome, and also other chrome colors. To achieve this exclusive finish, chrome plating cycles will be carried out, a very sophisticated and expensive painting process.
  • Fusion Edition: this is the most exclusive edition, where Mavimatt will apply unique finishes, such as etching and metal burring finish, as well as brass finishing of the metal part. The finishes of the Fusion edition will be unique and unparalleled, ensuring the lamp has a unique look.

In all three editions, there will be a Murano glass bubble handcrafted by the master glassmaker Fabio Fornasier, with the option to choose the preferred glass color.

Packaging and shipping

The customer will receive the Yalux lamp fully packed in a custom wooden crate, made to measure for its dimensions, thus ensuring maximum protection during transport, from the company to the final destination. The transport will be carried out in a safe and secure manner.


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Each of our masterpieces is a singular work of art, shaped by hand with dedication and passion. The slight variations and imperfections that the final product may have compared to the reference images are hallmarks of our craftsmanship and enrich the uniqueness of each creation.

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