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The Ninfea dining table is a unique element, designed to be distinguished from other tables, both in design and functionality. Modern in shape and idea, this table is made entirely of metal, handcrafted by expert blacksmiths and finished according to the customer’s needs in matte or glossy colors and in unique tones such as gold or chrome finishes.

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The secrets behind design furniture are beauty and elegance, and who better than nature could inspire a creative process that results in pure enchantment?
The shapes of design objects and the most beautiful masterpieces of art always hide the elements that mother nature creates and gives to mankind, even when they’re not aware of it.
Like artists who models and shapes their work taking inspiration from the wonders that nature has to offer, we at Mavimatt have decided to give life to this enchanting design table by materialize the emotions and vibrations that the water lily plant has managed to convey to us… and that, as if by magic, our souls and eyes have caught.It is from this vision of ours that the Ninfea table originated, a rare gem of design , unique and timeless.
Ninfea is not a simple dining table to keep in the hall or living room. According to our ideas and interpretations of this valuable piece of design, we sought excellence and uniqueness as the main value propositions for each element Ninfea is made of. This is how we made it a true design object.


This table is composed of a metal structure with a thickness of 8 millimeters, with slot processing carried out by manual grinding.
Ninfea is finished in powder or liquid paint and is available in both matte and glossy finishes. This wonderful designer furniture is available in all colors of the international RAL chart.
Limited edition versions of Ninfea are available in rose gold, yellow gold, silver and chrome finishes in a variety of colors. Another interesting aspect of the Ninfea table is the possibility to make the top in a different color from the base and thus create a true unique piece. Ninfea is packaged in a wooden crate to ensure maximum safety during transport.

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