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The Ninfea dining table is a unique item, designed to be different from other tables in both design and functionality. Modern in form and idea, this table is made entirely of metal, handcrafted by expert blacksmiths and finished, according to customer requirements, in matt or glossy colours from the Ral colour scale or in unique chrome finishes.

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The secrets of furnishing are beauty, elegance and uniqueness

Who better than nature to inspire a creative process that results in pure enchantment.
In the unique shapes of design objects and in the most beautiful masterpieces of art are always concealed the elements that mother nature creates and gives to man, even without his knowledge.
Like an artist who moulds and shapes his work by drawing inspiration from the wonders that nature has to offer, we at Mavimatt decided to give life to this enchanting design table by transforming into reality the emotions that the water lily plant managed to convey to us and, as if by magic, our souls and eyes were able to capture. It is therefore from this vision that the Ninfea table originated, a rare pearl of design, unique and timeless. In fact, Ninfea is not a simple dining table. Our ideas and interpretations of this precious piece of design have led us to search for excellence and uniqueness in the proposal of every single element that makes up Ninfea, to the point of making it a true object of design and art.

Precious and refined materials

We decided to use a material that would give Ninfea exceptional strength and durability. This is why the table is made with a structure entirely of a special 8 millimetres thick metal alloy. Because of the complex shape of Ninfea’s design, all the work that is done on the table must be carried out by expert blacksmiths using purely handcrafted processes and workmanship. The structure of Ninfea is thus machined by means of hand grinding. To guarantee the authenticity of each Ninfea, an aluminium nameplate, made entirely by hand by one of our goldsmiths, is applied to the base.


The different editions of the Ninfea table

To meet the various tastes of our customers, the Ninfea table is offered in two main versions:

The Ral edition in which the Ninfea table is made with a ‘liquid’ varnish and the customer can choose to varnish their table with all the colours available on the international Ral folder, in a gloss or matt finish.

The Chrome edition is an exclusive and unique version of the Ninfea table. In this version, through the use of special treatments and processes made possible by our expert craftsmen, the customer can choose to have their table in finishes such as rose gold, yellow gold, silver and chrome colours.

In addition to these two main editions of Ninfea, through our ‘Tailor Made’ division we give the customer the possibility of having the table made with unique customisations, created in collaboration with the end customer. We give no limits to customisations and finishes. We can hand paint special patterns on the table, we can paint the table top in one colour and the table base in another colour, we can embellish the table by applying swarovski. The limit we give ourselves on this division lies only in the ideas of the customer.


Packaging and shipping

You will receive the Ninfea table fully assembled inside a wooden crate, custom made to guarantee maximum safety during transport to its final destination.


Technical details



Each of our masterpieces is a singular work of art, shaped by hand with dedication and passion. The slight variations and imperfections that the final product may have compared to the reference images are hallmarks of our craftsmanship and enrich the uniqueness of each creation.

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Can change color according to your tastes