We are proud to introduce our Kiodo table, handmade in Italy, the homeland of Design. Design and art come together and bring this table to life, an invisible surface and a sleek detail with golden finishes and legs that seem to hover a mirror where you can gaze your own figure.


Kiodo is much more than just a table. It is a piece of art combined with a piece of furniture, whose union adorns the home of those who want to have it with them.
The upper board is made of glass (float type, 15 mm thick) which allows you to admire the oval shapes of the two steel legs.

A shape that recalls a mirror that was distorted by time and use, a new gravity centre of your living room, where you can spend time with a pleasant company. Kiodo is a transparency surrounded by the elegance of gold: an artisanal production, made by our master goldsmith in a real gold leaf that surrounds the thickness of the glass top.

The color of the edge which flows into the steel legs (and feets) of this work, make it unique: each Kiodo is different from the previous, even in the process of applying the gold leaf, entirely handmade.

Legs (and feets) are finished with galvanic baths to gild the surface.

The gold leaf that can be admired in all its brilliance on the side of the glass top in the picture, is also available in rose gold, silver and chrome colors. The same color will then also be used for the legs … to give an organic and a “round” look to this table, more a piece of art than a piece of furniture.

Each piece of Kiodo is unique in its kind and is a table that designed to retrieve space in the interiors of houses of any style, always enhancing the surrounding furniture.

We believe that each of our customers should have the opportunity to have a unique table modeled according to their tastes. Exactly for this reason, if the customer wishes, the glass top can be painted according to personal choice (an operation that is exclusively done by hand). Or else, by engraving a motif on it (with a laser) that will be a significant signature for those who will display it at home, and then also giving you the opportunity to colour each leg in a different shade.

Kiodo, the table (and piece) that resonates with every room and every furniture, completely customizable.

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Can change color according to your tastes