the modern coffee table

Another meticulously handmade item by Mavimatt. Choose between our regular version or one of our special editions. Although we call it a table, it’s a Mavimatt piece, therefore nothing is exactly what it seems. A piece of furniture that you can adapt to your exact taste and a showpiece for any room in your home.

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When is a table not a table? Ask Mavimatt.

How about something slightly different for your home? After looking at our website, you are probably thinking “but every single object that MAVIMATT creates is completely different from the other”? And this is precisely the question we want our customers to ask themselves.

We are proud to amaze with our unique and unrepeatable Design that all our products made for your interior have in common. The difference from other furniture brands lies in the fact that we design and create design masterpieces for nonconformists, people with a unique style and personality.

All of this can be summed up in our product Holo.

The Holo coffee table can be considered an element with a less pushed design than some of our other projects, but the simplicity and beauty of this element are unmatched! The Holo coffee table is being developed in two main versions, although ,perhaps, it would be better to say three: a standard edition and two limited editions.

Less is more with Holo, at least at first glance. But if we analyze the piece, it is no less “individual” than the Ufo armchair, the Magma console or the Alunite lamp.

All Holo coffee tables are custom made in both the normal and limited versions because each piece is designed to be the centerpiece of each environment where it will be placed.

In Mavimatt, normality is always anything but normal

Let’s start with the standard version of Holo. The rounded central body is made of fiberglass and painted using colors from the Ral scale in a matt or glossy finish of your choice. These can be glossy or matte.

Then there are the two limited editions.

The central body of the first limited is made of scrupulously hand-sculpted marble and you can choose between white or black versions.

The second limited edition is, again, accurately handmade with a fiberglass body. These are the finishing colors that really catch the eye on this limited edition. We call them “galvanic chrome” colors: you can choose between silver, yellow gold, rose gold, or chrome colors.

You choose or we will help you choose a color combination that fits perfectly with your interior décor. Of course, being a Mavimatt creation, we don’t stop there. Inside the body of the Holo coffee table there are carefully positioned inserts.

Their function is to attach striking circular discs made visible all around the central body of Holo, made in aluminum handcrafted by our expert craftsmen.

Both the regular and special editions of Holo will come with aluminum rims. The standard version of Holo will feature matt or glossy colored discs (red, blue, yellow, etc.) in various Ral colors, while the special edition of Holo will boast discs with chrome finishes.


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