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Another meticulously designed and handmade object from Mavimatt. A piece of furniture that you can adapt to your taste and liking with infinite customisations of colours and an object of art and design for every room in your home.

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When does a design table become art? Ask Mavimatt

How about something slightly different and unique for your home? After looking at our website you are probably thinking “but is every single object Mavimatt creates completely different from the next“? And that is exactly the question we want our customers to ask when they discover our brand.
We pride ourselves on impressing with our unique and unrepeatable design that unites all our handcrafted products made for your interior. The difference from other furniture brands is that we design and create design masterpieces for non-conformists, people with a unique style and personality who are not satisfied with what the traditional furniture market offers.

All this can be summed up in our masterpiece, Holo

Holo coffee table may be considered an element with a lesser design than some of our other products, but the simplicity and beauty of this element is unparalleled. Holo coffee table is developed in four main editions. The Ral edition, the Galvanic edition, the Carbon edition and finally the Marble edition. Less is more with Holo, at least at first glance. But if we analyse the piece, it is no less ‘individual’ than the Ufo armchair, the Magma console table or the Alunite lamp. All Holo coffee tables are completely handmade one piece at a time without any kind of industrial process. This is because each piece is designed to be the centrepiece of any environment in which it will be placed and therefore the perfection of the final element must be unparalleled.

At Mavimatt, construction excellence is unrivalled

Let us begin by explaining the Ral edition of Holo. The rounded central body is made entirely by hand, in fibreglass, and painted using colours from the Ral scale in a matt or gloss finish of the customer’s choice. The discs, which are attached one by one, by hand, to the fibreglass body, have different diameters and are made entirely of aluminium to stimulate the touch when touching the element. On this edition, the discs, like the body, can be painted with colours from the Ral scale in a glossy or matt finish. Both the discs and the body of Holo are painted with a liquid paint to ensure maximum quality.

We then move on to the Galvanic edition, for those looking for maximum exclusivity on the Holo table. In this edition, the materials used for the central body and the discs remain unchanged from the Ral edition, while the exclusivity comes from the unique finish that this edition boasts. Thanks to new special treatments developed by Mavimatt, we are able to apply chrome finishes such as rose gold, yellow gold, silver chrome and chrome colours to this edition of Holo. Both the central body and the aluminium discs in this edition will be presented with these unique finishes that will give your Holo a stunning appearance.

The Carbon Edition is designed and developed for lovers of this unique-looking material. In this edition, the central body of the Holo is made of genuine exposed carbon fibre, while the rims remain in aluminium as in the other editions. The carbon is processed and applied completely by hand by our experienced craftsmen using their know-how. Being machined one piece at a time, each Holo core body is unique, which makes it even more exclusive. The finish of the carbon body can be matt or glossy, and we also offer the possibility of colouring the carbon in various shades through the use of special inks. The finishing of the aluminium rims, on this edition, can be done with ral colours or special galvanic finishes with liquid paint.

Finally, the Marble edition presents the central body of Holo made of real marble in different types such as: white Carrara marble, azul macaubas, irish green, red jasper and white onyx. Each marble block is completely split and worked by hand. The finishing of the aluminium rims, on this edition, can be done with ral colours or special galvanic finishes, with liquid paint.

Packaging and Shipping

Holo coffee table is assembled with its discs completely fixed to the central body and is hand-packed one piece at a time to ensure maximum quality also in the final check before shipment. Each coffee table is placed in a custom-made wooden crate to ensure maximum safety during transport.


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Each of our masterpieces is a singular work of art, shaped by hand with dedication and passion. The slight variations and imperfections that the final product may have compared to the reference images are hallmarks of our craftsmanship and enrich the uniqueness of each creation.

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