Limited Edition Alunite Lamp with Murano Glass

Mavimatt has exclusively crafted a limited edition of its Alunite lamp, a unique product distinguished by its conical shape and ceiling fixture. The remarkable feature is the exquisite material that adorns the lamp: Murano glass, a testament to Italy’s artistic excellence and Venetian tradition.

Murano Glass: History and Beauty

lampada alunite
Alunite Lamp

This glass is an artistic product embodying the mastery and tradition of Venetian glassmakers, crafted on Murano, an island in the Venice lagoon. Its rich history dates back to the Middle Ages. Its brilliance served to light the dark ages, a time of demographic decline, brutality, and ignorance. Murano glass is renowned worldwide for its transparency and purity, as well as its diverse shapes and colors. It can be described as a symbol of elegance and prestige, a treasure that enriches any setting with its light and allure. Crystal, milk glass, millefiori, and furnace fusion are all distinctive features of the esteemed Murano glass. The glassmaking masters keep this centuries-old tradition alive, handed down exclusively from father to son. One such master collaborated with Mavimatt to produce a special edition of the Alunite lamp.

The Alunite Lamp is Adorned with the Prestigious Murano Glass

The limited edition Alunite lamp is hand-finished, piece by piece, with Murano glass mosaic tiles. Each tile is meticulously placed by a Murano glass master. The entire lamp, from top to bottom, covering both the conical and the ceiling fixture parts, is crafted without any industrial process. The extraordinary and unique glass finish, combined with precision cutting that allows the Alunite’s internal lighting to flow unobstructed, is achieved solely through refined artisanal processes, where Venetian tradition and craft innovation reinforce each other.

To ensure unmatched stability for our lamp, the lower part of the cone expertly integrates a foundational base. Its circular shape not only echoes the design of the ceiling fixture but also adds a thickness of several millimeters, emphasizing the lamp’s exceptional quality.

Alunite’s Limited Edition in Murano’s Black Hue

lampada alunite
Alunite Lamp

The limited edition of the Alunite Lamp is adorned with black Murano glass. Why did we choose a black hue? Because we aimed to craft a poetic contrast, evoking the essence of the cosmos. The light filtering through this black glass is reminiscent of a lone star in the night sky, a beacon of hope in profound darkness. This black Murano glass lamp isn’t just a piece of decor; it’s a visual poetry, an ode to the enchantment of the night, an artful jewel that dares to challenge the dark with its arcane beauty. The glass accentuates, in fact, it magnifies the gleaming aspect of stars. The great poet Dante once said:

“Thence we came forth to rebehold the stars.”

Now, thanks to Alunite, you can behold the stars within your own dwelling.

Even though the limited edition Alunite lamp in Murano glass features a black shade, upon request, the glass can be crafted in other color variations. Are you ready to experience the epitome of elegance in decor? Don’t hesitate, contact us today for a personalized quote. We await you!

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