UFO Rocking Chair: World’s First Linen Fiber Chair

Mavimatt has exclusively unveiled the world’s first hair made from linen fiber. We are the first company to achieve the feat of crafting an UFO chair entirely out of linen fiber. Our commitment to the environment is evident, as this fiber is an eco-friendly material, derived not from synthetic chemicals but from natural and renewable resources.

This is a limited and green edition of our beloved UFO Chair.

Linen Fiber: An Ideal Green Material for Furnishings

Why did we opt for linen fiber? This achievement we’re so proud of goes beyond mere labels. The UFO Chair, made from linen fiber, has been designed to offer numerous benefits to the user. We’re discussing a luxurious fabric here, one that not only has a rich history tracing back to ancient Egypt but also possesses undeniable aesthetic beauty.

poltrona ufo
UFO Chair

Linen boasts insulating and thermo-regulating properties, making it suitable for any season. Its advantages are manifold: it’s breathable, hypoallergenic, and absorbs moisture without retaining it, thereby preventing mold and bacteria that hasten the chemical deterioration of the Chair. Furthermore, and significantly, linen is an ecological material. It doesn’t require water for irrigation, produces no waste, and is sourced from natural and renewable resources.

These distinct features elevate linen to a luxurious fiber capable of crafting luxury furnishings that are both environmentally friendly and beneficial for human well-being. The linen-fiber UFO Chair stands as a testament to how innovation, design, and sustainability can come together in an exclusive Made in Italy product.

Before us, no one in the world had crafted an chair from linen fiber.

Design of the Linen Fiber UFO Chair

The chair’s shell will be made from pure brown linen fiber, while the seat will feature natural first-flower white leather, a very high-quality leather. This is silky, soft, and highly durable leather. Upon request, you can choose the leather color of your preference to match your requirements.

poltrona ufo
UFO Chair

Its circular base ensures stability from a single contact point with the ground. The seat’s design is such that it barely touches the floor, giving the UFO Chair a sense of lightness and the ability to rotate while maintaining perfect balance. This limited edition is special in every aspect, from design to the eco-friendly material used.

Limited Edition of Only Ten Pieces

We will produce just ten numbered pieces worldwide, all featuring the brown linen fiber shell. To date, no one in the world has made an chair entirely from linen fiber, a green and high-quality material. This truly is a work of art, reflecting our commitment to sustainability. We can support the environment in countless ways, with both small and large actions, and that includes through furnishings.

If you wish to secure one of these exclusive UFO chairs, act fast, as they are available for a select few. Only ten pieces. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to own the world’s first linen fiber UFO chair.

We at Mavimatt are proud of this limited edition. Contact us now for a personalized quote! We look forward to assisting you.

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