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Evoca is a unique console with a design that transcends its mere function as a support and elevates the home wall to an artistic representation, giving soul to objects. Conceived by the creative mind of Mavimatt, with the collaboration of designer Raimondo Sandri, this exclusive console table design is intended for an audience that appreciates the excellence of Italian interior design.

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Let’s Take a Closer Look

The sinuous and primitive forms of Evoca tell the primal beauty of nature, shaping a timeless story that blends the product aesthetics with modern furnishings. The forms evoke ancestral wisdom in those who observe them, wisdom that has guided our expert hands in the conception of this artisanal poem. The console connects to the earth, to the essence of things, thought and created as a primitive sculpture. And the sophistication of this craftsmanship masterpiece lies in its uniqueness, as its front panel is made with a new material specially crafted by us, a wise mixture of metal and wood that gives an invaluable value to the console, the result of years of research and development by our craftsmanship masters. The objects placed on Evoca’s sinuous legs acquire an aura of preciousness, as if they were blessed by the magic touch of design.

This modern console table can give an extra touch to the interiors of any home, making it unique and distinctive. This luxury console is a modern design piece that will not go unnoticed, and that will transmit an indescribable emotion to those who live it. It fits perfectly in a living room, in a hallway or against an entrance wall.

We use only top quality materials in the creation of Evoca, with a focus on Made in Italy value. The innovative material used for the front panel is not found anywhere else in the market, it is an exclusive of this masterpiece. We want to give Evoca a unique and pliable identity, while ensuring high standards in terms of elegance, functionality and comfort.

Italian furniture is renowned for its quality and attention to detail, and the gold Evoca console is no exception. It adds luxury and elegance to any space, showcasing the superior craftsmanship of Italian style. The gold finish adds warmth and glamour to any interior. The Evoca console is the perfect choice for a sophisticated living room or a statement entryway.

Two Different Editions of Evoca

Evoca is offered in two different editions, both meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of customers: the Ral Edition and the Molten Metal Edition. Let us describe both.

The Ral Edition is the base version of the console, offered with colors from the international Ral scale. The legs and panel are exclusively painted with Ral scale colors, in glossy and matte finishes, which give the golden console a discreet but powerful elegance. This edition is perfect for those looking for a unique but versatile piece of furniture.

The Molten Metal Edition is the most exclusive of the modern consoles. It is offered with special finishes in rose gold, yellow gold, and silver chrome. The central panel is metallised using state-of-the-art technology through the use of noble metals such as zinc, copper, and brass. The metal applied to the central panel of the console is then polished by our experts. The final result is a shiny and fascinating surface that shines like a jewel, making Evoca a piece of rare elegance. This edition is truly unique and reserved for the most demanding customers.

The two editions of Evoca will embellish any environment with their distinctive presence and the highest level of craftsmanship that characterizes them. We have decided to offer two editions to meet the various needs of customers, thus providing greater freedom of choice.

Packaging and Shipping

The customer will receive Evoca fully packed in a custom-made wooden crate, tailored to its dimensions, ensuring maximum protection during transportation from the company to the final destination. The transportation will be carried out in a safe and protected manner.


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Each of our masterpieces is a singular work of art, shaped by hand with dedication and passion. The slight variations and imperfections that the final product may have compared to the reference images are hallmarks of our craftsmanship and enrich the uniqueness of each creation.

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