Ufo C
carbon meets design armchair

The version of the Ufo seat with glossy black carbon shell is a real collector’s item for those looking for truly unparalleled design seats. This armchair, in fact, counts only 100 pieces across the world. Each of these 100 armchairs has a numbered bronze plate applied to the shell. The seat is made of natural primofiore leather with the possibility of customizing it in 51 different colors.

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Ufo C is a limited and exclusive edition of the Ufo line,  made of carbon fiber. As for the pieces of the most famous collections, the exclusivity of this edition is given by the fact that there are only 100 examples of Ufo C in the world.

We created Ufo C because we believe that the intrinsic value, given the characteristics of this object and its exclusivity, will enhance the environments where it’s present over time. Ufo C, a perfect example of modernity and art, is one of the design seats famous for its beauty, comfort and uniqueness.

The features of a work of art

Its seat is composed of foams, to maintain different types of densities, arranged in various layers. The seat foam is selected and paired by hand to ensure perfect ergonomic deformation for this masterpiece.

The authenticity of this edition is guaranteed by a bronze identification plate with the ID number of the frame, made by one of our goldsmiths.

Expert craftsmen have taken care of increasing even more the prestige of this armchair through a series of hand stitching of the refined Italian primofiore natural leather that wraps the seat. The leather chosen is also certified as Italian leather by Law #11239, boasting an international certification that guarantees an entirely Italian production process carried out in full respect of the environment, free of toxic agents or treatments.

The choice of leather colors for this edition consists of 51 different shades while the finish of the outer shell in carbon is transparent glossy.

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Can change color according to your tastes