carbon meets designer armchair

The limited edition of the Ufo rocking chair with a carbon fibre chassis is a true collector’s item for those looking for truly exclusive designer seating. This edition, in fact, has been produced in only 100 pieces worldwide. Each of these 100 chairs is numbered with an aluminium plaque, hand-applied to the top of the carbon fibre shell, engraved with the identification number. The seat of this exclusive edition is upholstered in a natural ‘primofiore’ leather, with the possibility of customisation through 51 different colours. As with the pieces from the most famous collections, the exclusivity of this edition lies in the fact that there are only 100 examples of Ufo C in existence worldwide (numbered).

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We created Ufo C, exclusive edition of the Ufo line, because we believe that the intrinsic value, given the characteristics of this object and its exclusivity, will add even more value over time to the environments in which it will be placed. Ufo C is the perfect example of design and art, perfectly united together.

The features of a work of art

Ufo C’s seat is made of foamed materials of different densities arranged in several layers, selected and matched by hand to ensure an ergonomic deformation that will perfectly adapt to each customer’s anatomy. Our expert craftsmen then take care of the upholstery (totally handmade), which covers the layers of foam materials of the seat, which in this limited edition of Ufo is in natural leather. On request, for this special edition only, we also offer the possibility of covering the seat with velvet, alcantara and fabric.
The leather used for Ufo C’s upholstery is also certified as full cycle Italian leather, thus boasting international certification guaranteeing an entirely Italian and environmentally friendly production process, free of toxic agents or treatments. The outer chassis on this edition of Ufo, as anticipated, is made of carbon fibre, through a totally manual process, carried out by expert craftsmen, without the use of industrial processes, so as to guarantee a very high quality to the artefact.
The chassis is then painted using a so-called ‘liquid’ painting process, with paints from the automotive sector, which guarantee maximum yield to the clearcoat and colour pigments that are applied to the chassis. The authenticity of this limited edition Ufo C is ensured by a real aluminium identification plate, made by one of our goldsmiths, which is hand-applied to the top of each bodyshell to identify the serial number of each piece.

Exclusive carbon finishes

The bodywork is made from plain carbon or carbon twill, and only on special request, also from forged carbon. We then give the customer the option of painting the Ufo C chassis in a gloss or matt finish. In addition, to satisfy the requests of lovers of coloured carbon, through the use of coloured inks, we can paint the carbon fibre chassis with various types of colours in order to obtain a shell with a coloured effect without hiding the beauty of the carbon texture.

Packaging and shipping

The limited edition Ufo C is packed in a special, custom-made three-wave cardboard box with internal polystyrene protectors that guarantee maximum protection for Ufo, the box is then placed and secured on a wooden pallet for transport. In addition, (because we at Mavimatt always want to give the best in terms of quality and safety) a special wooden cage is built around the cardboard box to give even greater security during transport to its final destination.

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Each of our masterpieces is a singular work of art, shaped by hand with dedication and passion. The slight variations and imperfections that the final product may have compared to the reference images are hallmarks of our craftsmanship and enrich the uniqueness of each creation.

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